Wow, tough questions!

It will take some time for Kenna and her SPOILER to get back to anything close to a normal life. I’m pretty sure they go back to Boulder so she and the team can keep doing the work they’ve started.

As for sports… what sports do YOU think they would have played?

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Anonymous asked:

Hi! I love both of these amazing books I re-read them HUNDREDS of times😍 Do you think you'd make a third book? Or maybe a short story continuing the book? I'm itiching for some answers about Kenna's dad and how the relationships of the heroes/villains are going !!

AWWWW! Thank you so much for the Hero Agenda love!!! You’re so sweet and we so appreciate it. Sadly, for now, the second book is the end of the story. But you never know… xo ~TLC

Anonymous asked:

Will you perhaps write a epilogue of what happens after Relentless? Oh and please let us know if it is in the process of becoming a movie/auditions!!

We would totally love for the Hero Agenda to become a movie!!! Sadly, that’s not entirely up to us and we need someone in Hollywood to take notice. (If you happen to know any big time producers…. *wink-wink-nudge-nudge*)

As for continuing the story… well, we both have a ton going on and it’s a matter of getting schedules to line up. Maybe one day… ~TLC

Will you consider making this a movie?

We would LOVE for the Hero Agenda to become a movie!!! Sadly it’s not entire up to us. Because movies are so complicated and expensive to make, it needs a production company to want to make it. Fingers crossed that someone in Hollywood takes notice! xoxo ~TLC

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will there be a third book to the powerless series?

Sadly, no, there are just the two books. :( ~TLC

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Nope. As of right now, Relentless is the end of the series. ~TLC

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Anyway, is relentless out yet? I'm dying to know. Powerless was absolutely an amazing book. Nearly charismatic.

Yes! Relentless is out in hardcover now and will be out in paperback in May. Whee!!! ~TLC

Anonymous asked:

What's the exact setting of this book?

Mostly Boulder, Colorado, and some in Wyoming (Powerless) and New Mexico (Relentless). ~TLC

I absolutely love this book. It is fantastic and I seriously could not put it down. I finished it within a day and really hope that you decide to write more of them. The storyline is great. Now to wait for Relentless to come in the mail!

Awwww! Thank you so much!!! Hope you love Relentless too. :) ~TLC

Anonymous asked:

How do Keenas' absorption powers work and does she plan to absorb more powers

I’m not sure I can explain how, exactly. That would require a neurophysicist. I can say that her absorption is only temporary. She doesn’t get to keep them forever. She borrows them and then gives them back.

She wouldn’t take anyone’s powers without their permission (unless it was a really bad person trying to hurt her or someone she loves). But I’m sure the opportunity to try out some powers will come up in the future. ~TLC