Powerless by Tera Lynn Childs and Tracy Deebs


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Title: Powerless

Series: Hero Agenda

Author: Tera Lynn Childs (@teralynnchilds) and Tracy Deebs (@tracywolff)

Genre: Teen, Fantasy, Superhero

Release Date: 2 June 2015

Review Date: 11/12 August 2015 (because only I would write a review while traveling and thus have no idea which date is correct).

PLOT: Kenna Swift is an ordinary in the world of the extra-ordinary. Which is why she is running her own experiments as she interns for her mother at the superhero run lab over the summer. She is so close to find a way to give herself powers, until three villains invade the lab one night. They are all three desperately searching for someone, a villain named Deacon that they say the heroes have captured and are experimenting on. Kenna certainly doesn’t believe them; after all, she’s been around the heroes her whole life and villains LIE. But then one saves her life, twice even!, her mom mentions the same secret lab the guys did, and then her best friend, daughter of the President of the Superhero League reveals some of the information she has discovered. Suddenly, Kenna isn’t so sure the heroes are all good, or the villains are all bad. Torn between the two, Kenna soon realizes she may not be as powerless as others, or even she herself, thinks.

REVIEW: Little known (HA!) fact about me: I love superhero stories, ESPECIALLY ones about ordinary people. In the Marvel movies my favorite characters are Clint Barton (Hawkeye) and Agent Phil Coulson; switch over to DC and I’m a Gothamite devoted to my Batclan. So when Tera Lynn Childs sat down at Texas Tea this year and talked about Kenna, I was pretty much hooked from the start.

Overall I found the book very enjoyable. The story is well laid out, the setting is detailed without being overbearing, and the characters are fleshed out into real people. Kenna, by virtue of being the main character, is more detailed than the rest, however I didn’t find her as predictable as I initially feared she would be. I wouldn’t say it’s a spoiler to say that over the story her entire world view is rocked and she begins to question everything, but I would think anyone who has any prior knowledge of origin stories would not be surprised by how she reacts to the things that begin to happen to her, but that doesn’t detract from the enjoyment of the story, at least it didn’t for me. Plus there’s the mysterious event in her past that the authors keep referring to that likely has a secret that is going to go one of two ways and I can’t figure out which way I would prefer it to unfold.

In her cast of supporting characters is her best friend, Rebel Malone, the telekinetic daughter of Rex Malone, the president of the Superhero League, and the villains: Dante, the wind controller who is dating Rebel, Nitro, who produces fireballs worthy of the name, and the mysterious Draven, who seems as confused by Kenna as she is by him. It’s a little group of nobodies, pretty much kids who have ended up in over their heads but don’t the best stories start with a core group that has happened to?

I’m looking forward to the next book, due out next , if only because it seems like a good majority of the books I’m reading this year have decided that cliffhangers are FUN….Okay they are kind of fun but not when I’ve had FIVE of my last eight reviewed books involve them. I am not a patient woman!