Tera + Tracy

Tera Lynn Childs is the super author of stories for teens about mermaids in love (Forgive My Fins), mythology gone modern (Oh. My. Gods.), monsters-hunting descendants of Medusa (Sweet Venom), and dark fae princes (When Magic Sleeps). Among her many powers are conspicuous caffeine consumption, obsessive planning (see: round the world travel, color-coded organizing, and future writing projects), and baking vegan cupcakes that shock her omnivorous friends. Twitter and Instagram are her writing kryptonites, along with box sets of Firefly and Veronica Mars. To safeguard her secret identity, she never lives one place for very long, but she currently calls Las Vegas home, where she is never far from a coffee shop, a comfy chair, and her latest writing playlist. Read about all her adventures at teralynnchilds.com.

Tracy Deebs is the villainous teen author who proudly claims responsibility for cyberarmageddon (Doomed), mermaid wars in the Pacific (Tempest Rising) and kissing competitions (The International Kissing Club). Her plans to take over the world include (but aren’t limited to) spraypainting at local graffiti parks, bellydancing, writing under four different pseudonyms and watching too many movies. Her writing kryptonites are internet quizzes and obsessing over One Direction, and her favorite power is her ability to choose the perfect shade of lipstick for everyone she knows. To hide her dastardly intentions, she masquerades as a writing professor in her hometown of Austin, Texas and spends her free time baking cookies, attending her sons’ sporting events and volunteering at local charities. Read about all her villainous plots at tracydeebs.com.